TOAD Tech Days – Gain Product Knowledge and Marketing Swag

Whereas trade show participation enables us to keep up-to-date on the latest federal IT industry trends, gain competitor insight, and increase visibility of the DLT brand, tech days provide a more intimate setting where DLT and our vendor partners get the opportunity to teach and inform our public sector customers of our latest and greatest product offerings.

In one such example, DLT Solutions partnered with Quest Software to host a small number of successful TOAD Tech Days. TOADs for Oracle is Quest’s flagship product and is an Oracle database management solution – another one of our top-tier vendor partners. Attendees to our TOAD Tech Days learned TOAD tips and tricks, how to customize their TOAD environment, all in the name of being more productive.

Besides leaving attendees with a wealth of new product knowledge, we also gave the audience a plush toad as a parting gift. The stress ball-esq toads served as a collateral piece that also had our company information and website URL.

Although the little toads cost less than a dollar each, they had a huge impact on the success of the tech days. They were different from the run of the mill pens and notepads typically given out as similar events.

Besides just being something to collect at conferences, similar marketing trinkets can help make the difference between a good tech day and a great tech day.

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