Technically News – 4/22

Technically News

Technically News scans thousands of industry articles to present you with a weekly source of IT news, information, and ideas that impact the public sector.

Students Face Cyber War Game with NSA Hackers

Last Friday, while many of us eagerly waited for the weekend, a cyber war was raging. Luckily, it was between elite military colleges training and competing in a simulated three-day war against hackers from the National Security Agency. Unfortunately, cyberattacks are real and these students are preparing to face a new military landscape, one fought with ones and zeroes across networks. Reuters has a follow write-up including the winners.

Red Hat’s “PaaS Queen” on OpenStack

Diane Mueller, Red Hat’s Cloud Ecosystem Evangelist, is excited about the work Red Hat is contributing to OpenStack. She was recently interviewed at the annual OpenStack Summit and Silicon Angle has the video. Learn what Red Hat Distribution of OpenStack and OpenShift Origin are, and where Red Hat is taking Platform-as-a-Service – hint, they want to make “development fun again.” 

Six Steps to Secure Systems for Sequester

Furloughed coworkers, changes in workflows, and budget cuts are on the minds of many public sector IT professionals as sequestration looms. Luckily, there’s still time to prepare your IT security for any potential impact. GCN has six steps to ensure your agency’s cybersecurity remains intact, regardless of your situation. Among them are: updating systems now; establish remote access policies for furloughed workers; and put idle accounts into a protected state.

SolarWinds’ Firewall Security Manager Reviewed

During a changing time in cybersecurity, the firewall remains an important defense for protecting data from prying hands. However, in an effort to gain greater protection across networked systems, firewalls are being deployed without long-term strategies, weakening their ability to work in unison to defend your data. Luckily, SolarWinds has created Firewall Security Manager to help network administrators who have to monitor multiple firewalls. Check out this review to learn how it works.

DLT Solutions Finds Promise in State & Local Work

The Washington Post recently interviewed Rick Marcotte, DLT’s CEO, about opportunities in state and local government work. While other companies may find the difficulties of constantly evolving regulations too big a challenge to face, DLT is “putting more chips” on the state and local bet. Read the full article here.'

Technically News scans thousands of industry articles to present you with a weekly source of IT news, information, and ideas that impact the public sector.