Symantec Storage Foundation 5.1 for UNIX: A solid approach to data management

I work with a number of data center managers whom increasingly need tools that will allow them to handle expanding complexity with smaller budgets.  Symantec Storage Foundation maximizes storage hardware investments, and as a staple for UNIX systems, has proven to be reliable and capable across heterogeneous storage arrays. Many features have been added in recent years, and the latest 5.1 version builds on the product’s capabilities. I thought it would be helpful to share some impressions of this version’s new and important capabilities.

Keyless Licensing:

This frees the administrator from the issue of having a license available during installation. A license is still required, but you now have the option to install the license within 60 days of the installation.

Build Response Files Without Installing:

In the past, to build a response file for quiet installs required that Storage Foundation actually be installed. This can now be accomplished using the Installation Simulator.

Install Minimal Packages:

The product installer now provides the option to install only the basic functionality for the selected product. No longer do you need to remove numerous, unwanted packages.

Storage Foundation Manager:

This replaces VEA which is no longer shipped with the product. The Veritas Enterprise Administrator required VRTSob and VRTSobgui to run on a server, which I have seen cause issues with system processor resources.

Solid State Disks Supported:

With solid state disks becoming more affordable, it makes sense that Storage Foundation would support this option. support would eventually happen. Symantec is in tune with the market, and I expect to help our customers take advantage of this capability in the year ahead.

Coexist with Other File Systems and Volume Managers:

Many organizations will run different file systems on servers due to application needs. Storage Foundation 5.1 now shows that it can coexist with SVM and ZFS.

DMP Coexistence with Native Multipathing:

This feature enables support for raw devices.

Enhancement of Oracle DB Functionality:

SFDB tool now provides ease-of-use commands for DBAs to execute Checkpoints, Flashsnap, Cloning and Dynamic Storage Tiering.

Symantec Storage Foundation 5.1 for UNIX is a stable product that’s becoming even more capable of managing today’s complex data center environments. It is an important piece of an overall storage environment supporting a variety of data lifecycle management needs—from increased operational efficiency, enhanced I/O performance, and simplified management and provisioning.

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Pete Smith