Symantec Government Symposium 2016: Let’s Fight Back with Actionable Intelligence


Last year, over 420 million malware variants were discovered, over half a billion personal information records were lost to breaches and one zero-day vulnerability was discovered each week.

It’s time to fight back!

The 13th annual Symantec Government Symposium converges in Washington, D.C. on August 30th for a discussion on this ever-evolving cyber landscape. Industry leaders will share insights on current cyber threats, procedures to make our networks and end-points safer, and how we can use data intelligence to better protect our systems in real-time.

Don’t miss keynote presentations from FBI Director James Comey and OPM Acting Director Beth Cobert, as well as a rich program of four break-out tracks with more than 30 speakers covering threat intelligence, risk management, insider threats, and more.

Don’t Miss These Sessions

Not only will DLT be a platinum sponsor this year, our Chief Cybersecurity Technologist, Don Maclean, will also host a session Pushing the Data Security Envelope, alongside CISOs, deputy CISOs, and cybersecurity advisors from NASA, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the U.S. Postal Service. The session will discuss how agencies can push the boundaries with next-generation data security practices, strategies and tools.

Another familiar DLT face, David Blankenhorn, our Chief Technology Officer, will participate in Cyber Intelligence:…and Action! panel. David and other panelists will discuss what intelligence is actionable and relevant, strategies agencies can deploy to gain intelligence across the enterprise, and more.

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Ali Glossner Cybersecurity Tech Writer