Public Sector CAD Awards – Share Your Innovations and Achievements

It’s very rare that the public sector gets the attention it deserves for its innovations and achievements in the field of digital design. Whether it’s saving tax dollars by using computer aided design (CAD) software to introduce efficiencies in waste water management or helping the war fighter with precision weapons design and simulation – the examples, across federal, state and local government are endless.

Well, with the newly announced [acronym] Magazine Public Sector CAD Awards, finally these agencies have the opportunity to share the creative ways they have used digital design/CAD software to improve the performance of their agency and enhance the delivery of citizen-centric services.

In fact, this is the first CAD Awards dedicated exclusively to the public sector, and the contractors that support it.

[acronym] Magazine and its sister website ( have long been committed to providing a glimpse into government initiatives, best practices and innovations in the field of CAD, GIS, architecture, manufacturing and engineering design disciplines through articles, blogs, and social media.

So if you’ve used CAD software to change the business of government in your city, county or agency, or have put new ideas into practice that you want to share with your government peers, now’s your chance to share your achievements and findings and get the recognition you deserve!

Get Involved – Submit Your Nomination

The process of submitting your entry is quite simple and won’t take too long. Use this online entry  form to share your CAD successes! The contest runs through September 15, 2011 and will be topped off with an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. in early November. Judges include government officials, industry experts, and more.

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