July 14, 2015
PaaS is Evolving with Red Hat’s New OpenShift Enterprise 3 premium
Red Hat recently announced the general availability of OpenShift Enterprise 3 (OSE3), the next-generation of Red Hat’s award-winning Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. OSE3 is the first enterprise-ready web-scale container application platform based on Docker format Linux containers, Kubernetes orchestration and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to provide full support from the operating system to application runtimes. OSE3 […]
JBoss Solutions Architect
July 13, 2015
Public, Private, Hybrid? Which Cloud is Right for your Agency? premium
Should your agency move data or applications to the private or public cloud? But those aren’t the only options. Other choices include a community cloud, a multi-tenant infrastructure that is shared among several organizations from a specific group with common computing concerns. Then there’s the hybrid cloud which composes two or more of the above […]
Government Writer
July 9, 2015
Why Your Organization Needs a Data Governance Plan premium
Public sector organizations face more data challenges today than ever before. As discovered via research performed by North Highland Consulting, the top issues government organizations face include: Not knowing what data is available to support programs and other business functions Difficulty in accessing data Risk in using data as basis for critical decisions without insight […]
Tech Writer
July 8, 2015
Why and How to Shed Light on Your Agency’s Dark Data premium
“Dark data” – by that we mean data that’s been stored away in some IT system and untouched for years, is about to come out of the shadows. Thanks to big data technologies it’s become easier than ever to extract new business value from information assets that haven been collected, processed and stored away (either […]
Government Writer
Protecting Data with NetBackup Appliances premium
I have spent the majority of my time the last few weeks speaking with customers about operating system concerns within their backup infrastructure. This being sparked by Microsoft ending support of server 2003 in the near future. Goodbye Microsoft server 2003! Yes, there are customers who are still running 2003.  Why you ask?  I have […]
July 6, 2015
Red Hat Atomic Hosts & Docker: What You Need to Know premium
A few months ago Red Hat released the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host, aimed at bringing enterprise rigor to the emerging container-based application delivery systems.  Looking ahead to Red Hat Summit, there are over 10 sessions on containers including a hands-on lab with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host.  So what exactly […]
Solutions Architect, DLT
July 1, 2015
The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack on Government Systems premium
With fewer resources than the private sector, yet faced with the same threats, the U.S. government is dealing with a complex dilemma. Both the public and government employees demand accountability for data breaches, but few understand the challenges that federal CIOs face – hiring and keeping specialized talent, paying for the hardware and software, and […]
Government Writer
June 30, 2015
Why Today’s Federal IT Managers May Need to Warm Up to New Career Paths premium
Fans of spy fiction (of which there are many in the government ranks) might be familiar with the term “come in from the cold.” It refers to someone who has been cast as an outsider and now wishes to abandon the past, be embraced, and become relevant again. It’s a term that reflects the situation […]
June 29, 2015
Federal CIO Says Cybersecurity is Our Most Important Mission Today premium
Data breach after data breach – attacks on federal IT systems are becoming a regular occurrence. And, as the true scope and impact of the recent cyberattack on OPM’s systems continues to unravel (read our 8 facts about the OPM breach to learn more) – cybersecurity has moved firmly center state as the White House’s […]
Government Writer