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FedRAMP is Giving Agencies Better Security Controls than In-House Systems


There’s a campaign afoot at the General Services Administration (GSA) – that of bringing more and more agencies around to the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). As we reported earlier this year, FedRAMP is changing the way cloud providers think about cloud security standards and is forging an accelerated path for the adoption of secure cloud solutions through ... Read More »

5 Top Data Privacy Challenges for State and Local Agencies


With the recent data breach at OPM, the spotlight has firmly been on federal data breaches and the vulnerabilities that expose sensitive employee and citizen information to would-be hackers. But the feds aren’t the only government targets vulnerable to attack, state and local agencies are also stewards and defenders of a large amount of financial, healthcare, and other personally identifiable ... Read More »

Creating Agency Agility Through DevOps


You’ve probably heard a lot about how government agencies need to move on from legacy technology in order to become more agile and built for the future, but what about moving on from a legacy culture? That’s a key challenge for agencies seeking to become more agile and streamlined, especially those that are used to doing things a certain way. ... Read More »

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