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Overcoming the Biggest Federal IT Procurement Hurdles


The challenge of easily procuring new technology is the Old Faithful of federal IT. Regardless of the year, it’s an issue that keeps coming up. In fact, judging by a recent survey of federal IT pros at SolarWinds, procurement challenges are erupting more than ever before. While 92 percent of survey respondents acknowledged the importance of adopting significant new technologies, many ... Read More »

Data Centers are Going Green – Consolidation & Dashboards


Running a large organization, private or public sector, requires a lot of IT and as technology has changed and matured data centers have exploded in number and size. As data centers grow in operational costs in a climate of shrinking IT budgets, efficiencies are being sought out in all areas; from people to support the equipment, the real estate that ... Read More »

How To Convert From JSON to YAML With Ease


I am not going to go into the holy war of the JSON vs YAML discussion. That is something that should be left to folks that have time and willingness to discuss this, just like discussions of OS X vs Windows vs Linux, or VMware vs Xen, or iOS vs Android, or …the list could continue way past this blog. But this blog ... Read More »

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