Open Source Software: The Future of Innovation

open source

Many of the products we use or hear about, from fighter jets to infusion pumps, are powered by software. Software holds the keys to innovation of the next big product by giving it an edge from feature to quality. The line of code or software embedded in a product makes a wonder in the modern world.

In an effort to save money for the design, development, and market introduction of products, using open source software not only changes the way organizations innovate, but how they achieve their mission.

As new product development demands a high degree of flexibility and agility, with open source, an organization can respond faster to business demands while mitigating risks. Visualize for a moment, a technology-neutral, open environment – from the operating system through middleware applications and messaging, including access to open source community ideas. That’s where Red Hat is in the sweet spot because it delivers innovative, cost effective, and scalable open source solutions.

Red Hat is the recognized market leader in the open source community. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, together with JBoss Enterprise Application, provides customers with the flexibility to use their existing technology assets, whether it comes from Red Hat or another vendor.

As technology touches everyone, organizations can leverage the collective brainpower that is available beyond the traditional technology developments. Open source innovations will continue to change the innovation agenda across an organization.

Watch this fascinating webcast – Open Source and Governments: A Global Look – to find out how other government IT professionals around the world utilize open source solutions.

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Abukar Maalin

As a solution architect in the Enterprise Platforms team at DLT, Abukar Maalin helps government agencies solve complex information-related issues. His main focus is in the design, development, and delivery of enterprise IT. Abukar has extensive expertise leading agencies in delivering innovative technology solutions as well as large-scale government transformation programs that improves core operations.