Informing Customers one Dummies Book at a Time

Just as quickly as “virtualization” became a buzzword amongst federal government IT users, the unanswered questions about the blossoming technology popped up just as fast. What is it? How can I implement it? Will the costs outweigh the benefits? And what’s up with this “cloud” I’ve been hearing so much about?

As the foundation for cloud computing and a means to significantly cut your data center and computing costs, our customers had a lot of questions about navigating the “ins and outs” of virtualization in a government environment. Our answer? Virtualization for Government for Dummies.


Virtualization for Government for Dummies allowed us to answer these very intimidating questions in a very non-intimidating way. The small guide (22 pages) informed our customers through a mix of some technical information, but also simple language when discussing common questions and adoption barriers. Virtualization for Government for Dummies was our first co-branded Dummies guide published with our vendor partner Red Hat, and featured the iconic For Dummies yellow cover.

Our initial Dummies book was such a breath of fresh air amongst our customers, we’ve published several more installations on other topics. Our most recent book brought to you by Google and DLT Solutions, Government Information Sharing for Dummies, explores how the government gathers and stores information collections, why finding that information can sometimes be a pain, and ways to end information management hassles.

Other Dummies books in our Library include the following:

Don’t see a topic listed that you’d like a Dummies book for? No problem! Send us an email at and let us know.

If an informed customer is a happier customer, these books go a long way in ensuring there are a lot of happy public sectors IT end users.

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