How the Feds Can Ensure Data Governance in the Age of the Internet of Everything


With the explosion of IoT sensors and devices, the data available to us is getting bigger and bigger. It’s a particular challenge facing federal agencies, especially in light of NARA’s Capstone compliance initiative, as well as an opportunity.

Accessing data across the government and using powerful analytics to evaluate that data opens the doors to big opportunities for reducing costs, improving service, avoiding fraud, and other ways of capitalizing on the benefits of big data. Information is a valuable and strategic asset. However, all that data must be available, useable, and secure. Its integrity must also be guaranteed. After all, all of the data in the world is useless if you can’t manage it.

Feds Not Confident about Digital Records Management

A recent GBC survey found that almost four in ten feds said they were “not at all confident” in being able to retrieve and use digital records. That’s a problem that our latest webinar – Data Governance in the Age of the Internet of Everything – hosted in partnership with Veritas and NextGov will seek to help federal agencies navigate and overcome.

Join us on Thursday, February 4th at 2.00 PM EST and learn from speakers from the FOIA Resource Center, the CTO of the National Agricultural Statistics Service at the USDA, the SEC’s Office of Records Management, and more.

The speakers will discuss and explore:

• Whether employees are properly trained and ready to handle the switch to digital records management.

• Whether, in fact, the greater concern that agencies retain too little information or too much and challenges does that introduce?

• Where most agencies stand when it comes to achieving NARA’s Capstone compliance. Are most agencies on track? And, are any agencies going beyond the mandate with further efforts to ensure that relevant materials are archived digitally?

• When should an agency consider supplementing manual processes like ‘journaling’ with an automated response solution? What are the benefits of automation in general?

• Finally, when it comes to information governance, they’ll predict the biggest challenge ahead for agencies in 2016.

Register here.

Shayna Williams Tech Writer