The Paperless Era of Data Collection

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There is a desire for paperless field data collection, but a lack of technological advancement has prevented it – until now.

Imagine a pen that practically remembers what it writes. SmartInk provides the ability to do just that.

Developed by ChasmTech and distributed by K-TEK, the FullCircle SmartSolutions Suite allows field workers and their tools to remain in the field, while transmitting data to the office. The transmitted data is simultaneously visible to the entire team for strategy, direction, and decision-making purposes.

The flexibility to view and edit data eliminates the need to pick a specific corporate direction for field data collection.  With FullCircle SmartSolutions, the SmartPen and the tablet can populate the same database and can be used simultaneously by the same workforce without conflict.

“Public sector customers are facing real challenges when exchanging data between the office and the field. With SmartInkPDF, it doesn’t matter if field workers lose the original paper or leave it with a customer, since an electronic copy of the completed form is automatically created and stored. SmartInkDWG allows instant transfer of markups to the CAD team, while allowing the drawings to remain in the field to be marked up again the next day,” stated Cathy Wagenaar, President of K-TEK Solutions.

K-TEK will team with [acronym]’s sponsor, DLT Solutions on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 2:00pm ET (11:00am PT) for a live webinar to demonstrate how SmartInk applications collaborate with AutoCAD software.

For more information and to register for the live webinar click here.

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Fatima Davis

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