Deduplicating in NetBackup 7 (Part 2)

So you ask, “does it require a separate install procedure to enable deduplication with Symantec NBU7?”

Uhh NO! With NBU 7, deduplication is built right in, there is nothing to install.  If you want to turn on dedupe, all you to do is click a box in the GUI, and ensure that the media server is adequately configured for the additional dedupe workload.

So what is the difference between source and target dedupe in NBU7?

Source deduplication removes redundant data at the source. It distributes the dedupe workload across multiple nodes and reduces the amount of data sent over the network (LAN or WAN, as well as virtual machines). Also every backup can be recovered like a “full” backup but only requires the workload of an incremental one. Deduplication at the target removes redundant data after it is sent over the network. Overall storage savings are significant, with no performance burden on the client.

So how is the dedupe in NBU7 different than in PureDisk 6.6?

The NetBackup 7 deduplication technology uses the same engine as PureDisk. The biggest difference is that with NetBackup 7, there is no separate install; dedupe is built into NetBackup 7. NetBackup PureDisk continues as a viable option for customers who have unique requirements or large installments (petabytes of data).

So your using PureDisk for dedupe today, without NBU.  Is it still supported, or will you have to upgrade to NBU7

Symantec will continue to fully support current PureDisk customer environments. There is no immediate reason to upgrade a PureDisk environment (storage pool) to a NetBackup 7 environment. Both NetBackup 7 clients and media servers can use an existing PureDisk environment with no loss of functionality or performance.'
Juan Maldonado