Big Data for State Government – The Conversation Begins


The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) recently published the latest in a series of issue briefs on analytics titled “Is Big Data a Big Deal for State Governments?”

The objective of this first issue brief on Big Data is to put a foundation for future briefs and discussion forums in place. All aspects of Big Data technologies are examined while also exploring its potential relevance to state IT operations. The document is an excellent starting point for both technical and non-technical decision makers in state governments who are considering expanding the use of technology to deliver new citizen services and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing services and IT operations.

DLT Solutions is a strong supporter of NASCIO, serving on the Corporate Leadership Council and various committees as well as sponsoring and/or participating in NASCIO events. We contributed to the Big Data issue brief and our team of engineers and vendor partners provides advice and products, including cloud solutions that can help state government customers establish a technology foundation to exploit the potential of Big Data.

As an example of the applicability of Big Data to state government, our vendor partner TomTom has developed a Big Data product that lowers the cost of traffic data collection. The Speed Profiles data product is an extensive dataset of collected GPS signals that is already being used by the states of Virginia and Texas as a more cost effective alternative to traditional methods of traffic data collection.

Are you evaluating Big Data solutions for your agency? If so, let us know how Big Data figures into your plans by leaving your comments below.

DOWNLOAD – Is Big Data A Big Deal for State Government

Van Ristau CTO, DLT Solutions

Van Ristau is DLT Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer. He stays current on all aspects of public sector IT, and blogs on the industry IT perspective and cybersecurity. Van is very active on Twitter, tweeting daily news articles using @VanRistau. He also contributes on Google+ and LinkedIn.