The wait is over. AutoCAD 2017 hit the streets on March 21st and includes a variety of new features designed to help users take advantage of smart work practices that we’re all coming to expect from modern software.

Look for a flurry of blogs and tips from your favorite AutoCAD experts over the coming weeks, including Lynn Allen. For the time being, check out this useful overview of the new features in AutoCAD 2017 from Heidi Hewett.

Then check out the following:

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Important New License Changes

If you weren’t aware already, there is also a big change this year in how you can get your hands on AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is now available as a subscription only product. This means that instead of a stand-alone license, you must now subscribe to the software for a monthly or annual or multi-year fee. This “pay-as-you-go” model provides organizations with a lower upfront cost. It also allows for multi-user access to the software under the same license and gives you the freedom to access your software from your home computer.

When you subscribe you also get instant access to the latest product releases and one-on-one technical support. Read more about this new buying model and subscriber benefits.

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