Chris Uttenweiler

July 14, 2016
AWS Elastic File System (EFS) is Production Ready premium
It’s finally here! Amazon Web Services (AWS) just announced that the Elastic File System (or “EFS”) is a live production service. The service is provisioned out of three regions currently: US-EAST-1, US-WEST-2, and EU-WEST-1. EFS was originally announced over a year ago at AWS re:Invent in 2015. By AWS standards, the service has been in […]
June 1, 2015
Patterns of Cloud Adoption in the Public Sector & Educational Markets premium
At DLT Solutions, we are seeing a pattern emerge with the types of workloads being deployed to public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms by our customers. DLT primarily engages the Public Sector and Educational entities, so the relevance of our observed trends rests there.   When the Cloud first began gaining widespread acceptance, DLT […]
June 13, 2013
Shadow Cloud Apps – Honesty Hurts premium
Chances are that your IT shop (and most others) faces accusations every day. IT has its own set of goals and concerns that must come first. When these facts come into conflict with your user’s needs or wants, then something has got to give.
March 19, 2013
More Cloud FUD: Data Portability & Cloud Lock-in premium
A while back, I took the folks over at RackSpace to task for spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) concerning Cloud APIs. Luckily for all involved they simmered down on the subject (which most likely had nothing to do with my little article), and now the OpenStack project that RackSpace incubated doesn't look like the Chicken Little of the open source software world anymore. However, just like that game of whack-a-mole, we've got another FUD top-ten hit ripping through the charts: Data Portability & Cloud Lock-in.
November 20, 2012
A Call for Ethical IT Selling: Part Two – A Code of Engagement premium
Thinking back on my previous article, a thought occurred to me: Those of us in the blogosphere, and certainly those of us assisting with governmental IT missions, need to maintain a stricter code of engagement that needs to first and foremost deal with what is needed, not just wanted, from the people that we try to inform. We can do this by applying some of the basics of the journalistic code to all our communications and recommendations:
November 15, 2012
A Call for Ethical IT Selling: Part One – Don’t Become a News Network premium
I recently had the opportunity to listen to a riveting keynote given by Ted Koppel at the Symantec Symposium in Washington, DC. Yes, Ted Koppel the journalist spoke at a technology conference, and was by far one of the best reasons to be there. Mr. Koppel started his discussion by giving the audience an overview of the […]
November 13, 2012
Symantec Redefines Their Cloud Strategy premium
Recently, a new message and stronger direction have emerged from our friends at Symantec concerning the cloud.
November 8, 2012
Deconstructing Private Clouds: What You Need & Steps to Take premium
I hear very often that cloud platforms, specifically private clouds, are simply the next evolution of virtualization. This is incorrect and hides a massive amount of complexity, concern, and good old fashion work in a fog of assumption & misunderstanding. I'm not the type to be a real stickler for proper terms of art; generally if I can figure out what you’re after in a conversation I let it slide. However, this one is too big to leave alone.
August 21, 2012
The Cloud API War – FUD by any other name premium
Editor’s note: DLT Solutions has partnerships of varying degrees with Eucalyptus, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Red Hat and OpenStack It's been an interesting few months in the news and blogosphere. Much like politics, the polarization around nearly everything seems to be increasing daily. Vendor and technology evangelism is riding right along with this trend, and if you're wise you'll do everything you can to avoid pandering to it.