There’s an algorithm in which objects are organized;

There’s a method in which all is data;

There’s nothing here of procedure;

Whatever is abstracted, has abstracted-


There’s a class that expresses only interface;

There’s a machine paradigm that instantiates object properties;

There’s nothing distant anymore;

Algorithm who’s componentized, has OpenAPI-


That which is speed, will go on being WildFly;

There’s a speed in the time dimension;

There’s a speed in which applications perform-


There’s a standard which modularizes peers;

There’s a container that doesn’t pause garbage collection;

Application simplify decision making sorting.'
Abukar Maalin

As a solution architect in the Enterprise Platforms team at DLT, Abukar Maalin helps government agencies solve complex information-related issues. His main focus is in the design, development, and delivery of enterprise IT. Abukar has extensive expertise leading agencies in delivering innovative technology solutions as well as large-scale government transformation programs that improves core operations.