[acronym] – A Magazine and Blog dedicated to GIS and Digital Design

In 2006 digital design was the niche government industry that was cast aside by the publication world. While print magazines focused on the more popular issues of data security and enterprise technology, the 3D design world was often overlooked. Cue [acronym] Magazine.

“An abbreviated look at digital design,” [acronym] Magazine got its start to fill the void of publications dedicated to the public sector agencies and employees who use digital design. It was the first of its kind. The bi-annual magazine published by DLT Solutions featured tools, tips, and case studies for government end users that use 3D design and CAD software to better serve their constituents.

“We had published a compilation of case studies in the past as a newsletter called D3,” says Christine Schaefer, VP Marketing, DLT Solutions.  “But, we identified that there was a void that needed to be filled with valuable content, specifically tailored to government-focused CAD and Geospatial audiences.”

From the first issue, [acronym] was able to attract some big names in the industry. Design mainstays like Lynn Allen, Pete Kelsey, Pete Southwood, and Shann Hurley would go on to be featured throughout the life of the magazine alongside employees and ambassadors of companies like Autodesk, GeoEye, IMAGINiT and Google. In a little over a year since the launch of [acronym], we had already amassed almost 5,000 government subscribers.

As social media began to ramp up, we created a companion website to the magazine, [acronym] Online. [acronym] Online featured videos, blogs, forums, and allowed readers of the magazine to interact and answer each other’s questions in a digital environment. The resource-based site also allowed users to download whitepapers, case studies, and archived issues of the sister magazine.

Today, [acronym] Magazine and [acronym] Online are alive and well. Both the online blog and magazine have widened their focus to include blossoming and interrelated geospatial technologies like GIS applications, and satellite imagery.

To subscribe to [acronym] magazine, please click here and feel free to bookmark [acronym] Online. You can also visit [acronym] Online on Facebook and Twitter, @acronymOnline.

Have experience in CAD, GIS, architecture, manufacturing, and would like to contribute to the magazine or blog? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us by sending an email to editor@acronymonline.org.

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