6 Transportation Design Classes from Autodesk University


Don’t Miss these 6 Transportation Design Classes from AU 2015 – Now Online!

As you may know by now, many of the classes from Autodesk University 2015 are now online and available for free viewing. If you’re a civil or transportation engineer/designer this is good news since many of these classes provide tips and tricks for working smarter and getting more from your Autodesk software investments.

Here’s a roundup of a few of the classes worth watching (they also include downloadable handouts so you can keep those tips handy):

Do You Cross the Bridge or Fade Away?

This class, hosted by Michelle Rasmussen a Senior Instructional Designer with ASCENT, explores some tricks for exploring a preliminary bridge design in the context of its surroundings using InfraWorks 360.

Michelle uses InfraWorks’ Bridge Design software to analyze the bridge in the cloud. She then runs a line girder analysis to verify the structural strength of the bridge girders and ensure they meet design standard requirements. Then she takes the design into Navisworks project review software to uncover design problems and constructability issues more effectively an plan the construction sequencing. The InfraWorks model is then taken into AutoCAD Civil 3D software for precise grading. Finally, Michelle round trips the model back into InfraWorks for better design communication with stakeholders and the public.

Watch the class.


Preliminary bridge design in InfraWorks 360

LiDAR and BIM in Civil Design

Presented by Rusty Steel and Bartley Estes of CEC // Infrastructure Solutions, this session explores how civil engineers can use a combination of LiDAR-derived existing models with BIM. The class delves into how you can handle LiDAR in ReCap reality capture and 3D scanning software and prepare it for design use, as well as how LiDAR data can be used in models in InfraWorks 360, 3ds Max, and brought into AutoCAD Civil 3D to create and design from.

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Addressing Complex Designs with AutoCAD Civil 3D

Most roadway designs become complex due to the situations involved in the location of the design. Straight roads and even intersections are not likely in real-world situations. Presented by Russ Nicloy of MasterGraphics, this session discusses what options are available, and when or when not to use certain tools to address the design needs of projects. Watch the class.

Collaborating with BIM Products

This class is interesting because it has a particular emphasis on how to build a parking lot and roundabouts with Vehicle Tracking. From preliminary road, roundabout and bridge design in InfraWorks 360 to collaborating with AutoCAD Civil 3D and sharing outputs in Autodesk 360 cloud collaboration platform.  The class is presented by Tony Carcamo (BIG RED DOG Engineering), Tom Richardson (MWM DesignGroup), and Juan Soto (Kimley-Horn).

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Turn an intersection into a roundabout and determine vehicle turn radius.

Advanced Grading for Aviation

If you’re involved in the tricky business of grading on an aviation site this class gives examples of using the Subassembly Composer software to create custom grading subassemblies in Civil 3D and the advanced grading you can complete. This workflow creates huge advantages for the end user and speeds design changes. The session is presented by Christopher Roberts Pye an Autodesk Certified Instructor with STEWART.

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Create Your Local Design Rules and Content for InfraWorks 360

This session looks at how InfraWorks 360 users can create localized design rules for the design roads created with the roadway design module. You’ll also learn how to create localized content for pavement drainage networks and analysis. This class is presented by Autodesk’s Peter Ingels.

Watch the class.

This is just a glimpse of the many classes now online, check them all out here.

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