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    GovDefenders: An Interview with John Slye, Deltek Cybersecurity Analyst

    Earlier in the week, John Slye, one of GovDefenders’ keynote speakers, sat down with us for a pre-ev...

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    GovDefenders: An Interview with Van Ristau, CTO of DLT Solutions

    Frequent Technically Speaking blogger Van Ristau, CTO at DLT Solutions, is this year’s moderator for...

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    Use the Source, Luke

    I was once told by a good friend that "open source is all well and good, but as a “John Doe” admin w...

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    Don’t Be Confused About The New Autodesk Upgrade Policy

    Clearing up the Autodesk Upgrade Policy and offering five benefits for upgrading. ...

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    The New Cloud Adoption Playbook Methodology

    "The technology products that you purchase are worthless…unless you adopt them." Last month, I wrote...

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Technically News

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