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Going Beyond Layered Security to Respond Rapidly to Advanced Cyber Threats


IT organizations have never been as well equipped to deal with sophisticated security threats as they are today. But at the same time, IT organizations have never been at greater risk. Despite putting in place policies, controls, technologies and so on, cyber adversaries have never been in a greater position of strength. According to DLT partner, ForeScout, attackers are increasingly ... Read More »

Tearing Down the Barriers to Rapid Application Deployment


Barriers to innovation are commonplace in government IT and include budgetary limitations, security and compliance concerns, the need to continue supporting legacy technology, and more. From an application development standpoint, one of the biggest barriers is the existing “waterfall method of software delivery” which adds large time lines between the inception of a program and initial operating capacity (IOC). This ... Read More »

FedRAMP is Giving Agencies Better Security Controls than In-House Systems


There’s a campaign afoot at the General Services Administration (GSA) – that of bringing more and more agencies around to the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). As we reported earlier this year, FedRAMP is changing the way cloud providers think about cloud security standards and is forging an accelerated path for the adoption of secure cloud solutions through ... Read More »

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